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Her full name is Tuhin Ara Aupee Karim. She was born on 1st May and she own the sign of Taurus (Bull, Ox). She lives with her family which includes her mom, dad, one brother and one sister. Her favorite outdoor food is Chatpati. At home she likes the curry of cabbage (Of course prepared by momy dear). She likes to wear "Tip". She already visited Vietnam, Japan, India, Bangkok, Italy, Germany, Mauritius and UAE. Rabindranath heals her. She thinks many problems of her could be solved if Rabindranath were beside her. "I might fall in love with him if he was still alive" She says.

Aupee likes dancing. If she had to make a choice between acting and dancing she'd pick dancing. But now a days she doesn't find time for dancing as she is continuing as a student of BUET (Architecture). So dancing has stopped for some days.

Her first TV appearance was as a child artist in the famous seriel "Shokal Shandhya". She played the character called "Parool". After a long break she was the cover girl of the first edition of "Anandadhara". “That gave me huge publicity" she says. the same magazine awarded her "Miss Photogenic 1999". After that she never turned back. The TV serial "Naa" and the telefilm "Tepantarer Rupkatha " created   her own audience .





She  also did   TV  dramas named " Pechone Sabuj Gram", "Rupor Angti", " Bhalobasha Amonee Hoi", "Onkar", "Srashta abong Kritodash", and " Tin Jora Mon". Recently she has done an amazing job in the drama called "Raktakarabi" by Rabindranath Tagore. She performed the Charecter called "Nandini". The drama was shown in Mahila Samiti stage. She would love to work for big screen. She wants to do entertaining films but the script mustn't be a cock and bull story. she wants a simple life even she doesn't like the term "star".


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